1.) Hydrographics

Hydrographic printing is known by several names.  It can be called water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, cubic printing or fluid imaging.  It is sometimes referred to as camo dipping, hydro dipping, immersion printing, or immersion graphics.  Hydrographic printing is a method of applying patterns such as camo, wood grain, carbon fiber, or other complex designs to three-dimensional surfaces.  This printing technology is based on a water-soluble film, upon which printed patterns of ink are applied.  The film base is designed to dissolve in water.  When the film is floated on a reservoir of water, the film dissolves and leaves a pattern of ink behind that then adheres to any item that is dipped into it.

Hydrographic printing, or hydro dipping, is commonly used on firearms, automotive rims and quad or UTV body plastics.  It is used widely in the automotive and motorcycle industries when a high-end wood grain or carbon fiber look is desired, and in the outdoor/hunting industry for the application of camouflage on a wide variety of items.

While hydrographic patterning looks great, the hydro graphics themselves are rather delicate and require a top coat finish.  Cerakote Clear coatings are extremely durable.  Cerakote's line of ceramic clear coats are the perfect durable top coat finish for any hydrographic project, allowing for the look of hydrographics with the protection of Cerakote.