1.) Composites

Composites are lightweight, strong, and highly resistant to corrosion and fatigue. Two of the most commonly used composites are fiberglass and carbon fiber.  Carbon fiber is used in everything from aerospace to the automotive and powersports racing industries, and is even used in recreational sports equipment.

Composites typically consist of two materials, fiber and resin (often referred to as "string and glue").  The fiber gives the composite high strength and stiffness, while the organic resin or adhesive acts to hold the soft fibers rigid in relation to each other.  Organic resins, however, degrade upon extended exposure to UV light.  Excessive UV light has the effect of turning the exposed resin into a chalky layer on the surface of the composite that dulls the finish and can then easily flake off, resulting in exposure of the fibers to weathering.  Moisture can then enter the exposed fibers and cause wicking to the inside of the material, further reducing the composite's strength and integrity.

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