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Cerakote® Ceramic Clear Coatings is a Division of NIC Industries, Inc. and was founded in 1984 with a focus on developing and manufacturing the World’s Strongest Clear Coat.

Facility and Location

Cerakote® Ceramic Clear Coatings are located on 10 acres of land in White City, Oregon. State of the art manufacturing, ASTM testing lab, Training Center, R&D Facility and warehousing are all located at this facility.

Looking to the Future

Over the past 10 years, NIC has invested more than $3 million in research and development of the world's largest and most comprehensive line of Powder and Ceramic Coatings.

Our Corporate Structure

NIC's corporate structure is formed by four divisions, including:

Ensuring Quality

At Cerakote®, quality is a company value. From raw material procurement to finish product shipping, no process is completed without rigorous quality control testing. While larger manufacturers may spot check throughout their process, Cerakote® remains the only Ceramic Clear Coating manufacturer to test a sample from every batch manufactured. This industry leading process ensures our customers receive the highest quality ceramic clear coating.

Our Vision

Through research, development and innovation, Cerakote® will continue to discover new and advanced coating solutions for a wide range of industries.

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